Artists' Quarter

A true artist is not one who is inspired, but one who inspires others - "Salvador Dali"
Art is a line around your thoughts - "Gustav Klimt"
The two most important days in your life are the day you are born and the day you find out why - "Mark Twain"
The Best revenge is massive success - "Frank Sinatra"
Life is what happens to you while you’re busy making other plans - "John Lennon"
About two thirds of people tilt their head to the right when kissing.
Women’s hearts beat faster than men’s.
Human beings are the only animals which can draw straight lines.
The strongest muscle in the human body is the tongue.
Female red kangaroo has three vaginas.
Snakes smell with their tongue. They have ears inside their heads.
Elephants are scared of bees and they only sleep 2 to 3 hours each day.
Frogs sleep with their eyes open. Male frogs use croaking to attract female frogs.
92% of the world's currency is digital.
The home of Bill Gates was designed with the use of a Macintosh Computer.
Street Art

Started in 2001 in Beirut Lebanon by identical twin brothers Omar and Mohamed Kabbani, ASHEKMAN is an Arabic street art crew and it's considered among the early adopters of Arabic calligraphy in street art.

Born in the midst of the Lebanese civil war in the early 80's, the twins witnessed several wars in 3 decades that made them organically start a platform to fight social, political and religious extremism that fueled the false propaganda about the Middle-East.

ASHEKMAN's mission is to revive the Arabic culture using an urban context, to bring back the golden Arab age where poetry, science, and knowledge used to be exported and translated to all cultures and finally to spread a positive message of tolerance.

ASHEKMAN style is Arabic Calligraffiti, mixing classical Arabic calligraphy with modern Arabic graffiti, the twins tagged over 100 walls in Beirut, Dubai, Jeddah, Kuwait, Doha, Geneva, Birmingham, Yerevan, and Stockholm. Their positive messages and creative approach put them on the map where they were interviewed on CNN, BBC, MTV Europe, Rolling Stones Magazine, Forbes magazine, France 24 and featured in several books and other major media outlets plus they gave workshops and lecture in prestigious design universities in Beirut and Dubai.